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Abandon all Hope, Ye Who Enter Here

Today is an exciting day for you—finally, after millennia of unspeakable torments (or maybe just a few minutes, time is kind of just a vibe in the afterlife) you have earned yourself a promotion to demonhood! Starting now, you work at Hell, Inc., the labyrinthine corporate bureaucracy that keeps the worst parts of the underworld running. It's a great job, if you don't mind having your will to exist ground into dust on a daily basis (or you don't know what the word “great” means). But a job's a job, and you need one to keep from being just another eternally tortured soul, so here you are.

Will you meet your new office crush? Will you accidentally infect the computer with browser ghosts from shady websites? Will you get to take Cerberus for walkies? Will your boss literally devour your immortal soul after you get his lunchtime Taco Hell order wrong? A world of business casual possibilities awaits you and your new coworkers in Hell...Inc.!

The gameplay flow chart for Hell, Inc. The RPG

The Game

Hell, Inc. - The RPG is, at it's core, a comedy game. If you want a dramatic tale of epic heroism... well, I'm not sure how you got here, but mistakes were definitely made. Based on the webcomic of the same name, in Hell, Inc. players assume the role of demons working in the labyrinthine bureaucracy that runs Hell. Your job is mostly to work together (or not!) with your new coworkers to fix your boss' problems for them.

Using a custom rules-lite system evolved from a Powered by the Apocalypse hack originally written for our previous RPG mini-zine (Fail Marines), Hell, Inc. is a 2d6-based role-playing game with a twist— striving for mediocrity as both high and low rolls have the potential to create problems for the player characters. Roll too low, and your incompetence will draw the ire of the boss. Roll too high, and you unfortunately just singled yourself out for coworkers' jealousy and the boss dumping more work on you. If your favourite tabletop gaming moments have been the times when failed rolls with hilarious consequences turn into role-playing gold, then this is the game for you!

The Employee Handbook

  •  40 pages
  •  Full colour interior jam-packed with art
  •  Full gameplay rules with examples and ideas for how to apply them
  •  GM inspiration tools for generating NPCs and stories
  •  Example character profiles
  •  A pre-written adventure, "Boss Appreciation Day"

Also check out the FREE digital assets pack, including 6 pre-generated, illustrated character sheets, and visual assets to use in your games (an illustrated office map and 10 NPC ID badges).


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